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Goetz Diener Fiducia and GADit AG

Customer Story: Fiducia

In diesem Video berichtet Götz Diener über die Herausforderungen der Fiducia & GAD IT AG im Bereich APM und wie sie diese mithilfe des Einsatzes der Dynatrace Produkte meistern.

Dynatrace at Airbus

Nicolas Bertolino, IT Architect and Jason Crosa, IT Service Delivery Manager presents how Airbus improves the End-to-End User Monitoring using Dynatrace. Customer Video Airbus with German subtitles.

(R)Evolutionize APM

In diesem Video zeigt Herr Martin Etmajer, Technology Strategist bei Dynatrace, wie man agile Methoden und den DevOps Ansatz nutzt um erfolgreich Continuous Delivery im Unternehmen zu etablieren.

Das Geheimnis der PurePath Technology

In diesem Kurzvideo erfahren Sie, wie Sie die Applikationsperformance ALLER Transaktionen 24/7 und mit nahezu keinem Overhead (=2% in Produktion) optimieren können.

Anwendungsperformance für SAP

In diesem Kurzvideo erfahren Sie, wie Sie die SAP Performance über die Grenzen des Solution Manager hinweg überwachen und optimieren können.

Application Performance Management für Online und Retailbanking

In diesem Kurzvideo erfahren Sie, warum Application Performance nur aus Kundensicht zählt und warum rund 30% Ihrer Kunden bei negativen Erfahrungen mit Online-Services über einen Bankwechsel nachzudenken beginnen.

Customer Feature: VW & Dynatrace

For VW, performance means much more than availability. That’s why when it came to launching their new website, they brought in a Dynatrace Guardian who had the expertise, data and insights needed to go to production with confidence.

Constant Contact

Craig Tobe, performance architect at Constant Contact describes how he and his team use Dynatrace to create a seamless experience for their customers. Hear how he is easily able to compare user behavior and identify opportunities to improve overall app performance.

Why Choose Dynatrace?

We asked a variety of Dynatrace users what drove them to explore application performance management solutions, what difference did Dynatrace make and why did they choose it? Listen to what they had to say.

Customer Feature: Woodmen of the World & Dynatrace

Dynatrace provided Ben Seiker and his team a new common language — enabling them to better interact with the business, highlight the impact of performance on the bottom line and build confidence in the IT organization.

Customer Feature: Caretech & Dynatrace

Jim Hunter explains how Dynatrace became the referee between the infrastructure and development teams — helping them to settle performance issues quickly with data, not emotion. The result? Quicker problem resolution, and a significant infrastructure cost savings.

Mastering Performance and Collaboration Through DevOps

Gene Kim, co-author of The Phoenix Project and DevOps researcher, as he discusses performance metrics, as well as the cultural and technical practices, that enable high performance.

Amadeus Tesimonial

A Leading Provider of Travel Software & Technology

Performance Assurance – Helping Large Australian Business & Government

Utilising the precise data and transaction insights gathered with Dynatrace Data Center RUM, Performance Assurance & their unique modelling technology ePasa are helping large Australian businesses and government departments predict their future performance.

VicSuper: Going Beyond Google Analytics with Dynatrace

As Senior Digital Marketing Consultant at VicSuper, Esteban Rodriguez Casey checks the performance of the website every morning with Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring. Hear how having Dynatrace in place allows him to see what users are experiencing and quickly spot anything out of the ordinary.

How ICT Share Services is Mastering SAP Performance

Teaser: ICT Shared Services elaborates on how business processes that used to be contained on single SAP systems now involve a range of cloud based services, mobile endpoints, and other applications.

DevOps at Sofico

an Swaelens – system architect at Sofico – tells how shifting to a DevOps culture enabled Sofico to drive better software quality while reducing response times of their new GWT-based application by 89%.

The Performance People Take On: CDNs and 3rd Party Outages

This short video discusses why a new approach to application performance management in this environment is required.

Rank Group: Don’t take a gamble with your page load time

Matt Singleton, Production Support Manager at Rank Group will highlight the performance challenges they were faced with and how they resolved them.

Esure: 100% capture of transactions

Darren Edwards – IT Service Manager at Esure is discussing how they have been optimising their website to ensure a pain free customer journey.